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You’ve been told that success means top SAT/ACT scores, an impressive resume, outstanding recommendations, thriving essay topics, and a high cumulative GPA. You’ve worked hard the last four years to get into the top ten percent of your grade. You’ve participated day in and day out in after school activities, while balancing a part time job. Not to mention the numerous community service hours spent on the weekend. You think you have it all together, but what does all of this really mean?

Do a few numbers on piece of paper tell you who you really are? What your strengths are? What profession you will excel in? The person you will become in the next four years?

No, because you are much more than that number on a piece of paper. Your SAT or ACT score can’t tell you anything about yourself, aside from if are you able to take a test. Your GPA shows you’re a good student and worked hard in high school. But what sets you apart from everyone else, and why does that matter?

You are special. You have strengths and talents that distinguish you from the rest of your classmates, colleagues, and coworkers. CollegeChoiceToday wants to help you discover those strengths, and use those to map out your future.

What CollegeChoiceToday measures:

  1. Interests – Are you realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, or conventional? You’re probably a unique combination of all them, and our science will show you how those interests align with potential careers.
  2. Personality – Looking at scales of conscientiousness, extroversion, openness, agreeability, stability, and integrity – where do you line up? You’re results provide special insights on your natural tendencies and how those can be seen as strengths in your career opportunities.
  3. Abilities – Where do you succeed in the following area: number facility, mathematical reasoning, written comprehension, or written expression? The SAT might indicate math is not your strong suit, but it won’t provide jobs that utilize your strong skills that launch you in the right direction.

Our goal at CollegeChoiceToday is to help students discover their strengths and apply them to their college search or future careers. We know that you are much more than a test score, or an award, and we want you to discover that too. Take the first step toward success – start today!

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