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What is CollegeChoiceToday?

CollegeChoiceToday is a technology based educational consulting services company that provides students with a pathway to career interests and educational success.

How can you help me pick the right school?

We use science, technology, and people to provide unique insights and recommendations. We help students find a successful career, college, and field of study that results in a positive ROI on their educational investment.

How are you different from the other online services available?

We are uniquely positioned as an online, holistic college and career counselor that is cost effective and highly scalable.

How is your platform delivered?

CollegeChoiceToday is delivered through website and mobile app as well as through online and in-field coaches and advisors.

Do assessments really work?

Assessments are unbiased and combine elements of science, technology, and personal attention that result in career and educational recommendations based on probability of success.

How do I get started?

Great, you’re ready to start. Get started by going to our signup page, and completing the registration process. If you have questions, please call us at  1.844.412.6224 or email us at Info@CollegeChoiceToday.com.