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“I was not sure what I wanted to do, go to school or work. After working with CCT I decided to go to a community college first, that way I could work. I was really worried, did not think I would be able to go to college – best of both worlds, I now have a plan”

– Tom, 18

“I had no idea what I wanted to do. My teacher recommended I try CCT to get a start. For $29.95 it was a no brainier. I got what I need to start!”

– Jose, 17

“Entering my second year of college I thought Business Management was the right major for me. As I progressed through school I realized I did not have a desire for this major. I began researching other careers and that’s when I discovered CollegeChoiceToday. When I got my results back from my personal coach, I knew I made a good decision. The assessment helped me find my strengths and aligned careers that actually interested me. I am now a Public Relations major and could not be more excited for the future!”

– Richard, 21

“As an AVID teacher, I recommend all students go through this assessment. The amount of information that this online tool provides is amazing, there is no other one place you can go to get this information in an easy to use format. I will use all the assessments with my one on one meetings. Great tool College Choice Today!”

– Mrs Sandra Lopez, AVID Program

“I’m the kind of person who asks a lot a questions, particularly when it comes to college. I didn’t know where to begin. I had an idea about nursing, but my coach helped me explore that. When I was questioning everything, my results indicated nursing is actually a good fit for me, and that really cleared things up. CollegeChoiceToday made things a lot less stressful and it’s been a really great experience. Thank you!”

– Hannah, 18

“CollegeChoiceToday opened up potential career paths that I had never considered – like going to law school. It was incredibly nice to be able to receive a phone call and talk about my results with another person. It’s interesting to know what potential careers match my strengths. This was a good way to have some time for self reflection.”

– Abby, 20

“What a great system, I got everything that I needed all online, actually through my phone. My Mom got all her information on her phone also. What a great online tool. Thanks CollegeChoiceToday”

– Sarah, 18

“My high school teacher recommended that I use this online system during the summer. The class is going to review when we come back in school. The online tool was fast and easy, I even sent it to my friends so they could see where I was going to school”

– Lori, 17