/ Strategic Business Partnerships with CollegeChoiceToday®

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

Whether you’re looking to begin a completely new career path, looking to diversify your current business or  make a little extra money, CollegeChoiceToday wants to help you realize that goal.

The CollegeChoiceToday is made up of educators, counselors, technologist, psychometric professionals, business people, admissions, and financial aid professionals.

We continue to leverage our expertise making sure we have the best quality in products, services and technology.

What CollegeChoiceToday Partners Do

CollegeChoiceToday Strategic Partners connect our suite of products and services with the target market of students and parents.

CollegeChoiceToday offers:

  • Affordable tools to help families with college and career planning
  • Assistance locating financial aid for college
  • Study tips
  • Support for applying to college and jobs after college

By integrating market disruptive technology, psychometric instruments, and cutting edge data into a product that revolutionizes the college selection process, we provide on-demand services and coaching for a growing demographic.

We know that making the right college choice affects students’ lives for years to come, which is why we’ve created the Pathway to Success. This pathway provides everything students need to turn their college dreams into reality.

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Building Relationships to Grow Your Business

Building Relationships to Grow Your Business

Our Strategic Partners contribute their creativity, passion, and drive to help us spread the word that not only can anyone afford college, but with just a little guidance, we can provide a measurable return on a family’s college investment.

Strategic Partners share the message by:

  • Attending college fairs to educate and help families about college planning and budgeting
  • Developing relationships with local businesses
  • Aligning corporate sponsors with star students to offer scholarships to the CollegeChoiceToday solution
  • Working with schools and institutions to spread awareness of CollegeChoiceToday’s suite of services

How CollegeChoiceToday Helps You Build Your Business

We want to help you be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

  • training

  • resources

  • support

CollegeChoiceToday has the infrastructure, the tools, and the experience to help you succeed. We offer in-depth training, networking resources, and support, so you can be your own boss while working with a team that’s just as motivated and driven as you are.

  • 88,000 schools

  • 7,500 colleges, schools & Universities

  • 41 million students

As an official member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work with 40,000+ high schools, 7,500 post secondary schools, and more than 41 million students nation-wide — a number that continues to grow. In addition, you will manage no inventory, keep flexible hours, and have access to unlimited earning potential.

our motivation comes from our mission to empower parents and students

Motivated by Mission

No longer do high school students have the luxury to make a bad decision. The choices made in high school regarding career and education can either set students on a path paved with long-term debt, or we can provide a necessary foundation to set our young adults on a pathway to success. The desire to make a difference inspires us to continually innovate, providing better opportunities and solutions for students.

At CollegeChoiceToday, our motivation comes from our mission to empower parents and students, acting as their advocate within the education, business, financial, and career planning system. When you partner with CollegeChoiceToday, consider yourself part of a revolution that has changed the college game. We need you to assist us in inspiring students to make the right college choice to lay the foundation for future career and life success.

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