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Freshmen Cameron Jones given scholarship by College Choice Today

Written by Pedro Cabrera, M.A. and first published on The Fuel Online at:

Because of his imagination in drafting an affordable theme park based on history, Freshmen Cameron Jones was given a scholarship from College Choice Today and Jostens/High School Achievements.

The company is a technology based educational consulting company that provides students with a pathway to career interests and educational success.

“We are here for the student and the parent,” CEO and founder Rick Cochran said. “No one should ever pay retail price of going to school.”

Last year, there were $2.5 billion dollars in financial aid that wasn’t given out to students. The company makes sure that students like Jones access that money that many other students don’t.

The company also works with universities like Baylor and Yale.

Throughout Jones’ high school career, he will be coached by Lori Cochran from College Choice. Lori will work with Ms. Imari Penn, Jones’ counselor, and the school to make sure that he is guided to the right college and career choice.

“We are going to teach [him] to search for colleges and careers on his own,” Lori said.

The TAG program pushes students who are labeled as gifted and talented out of their comfort zone to explore academics in a new way.

“That is a great program that you are teaching the kids,” mother Michelle Jones said.

The program is coordinated by Mr. Reginald Walker.

College Choice Today offers those services to any student. Students can go to CollegeChoiceToday to get any information.

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