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Did you enjoy monkey bars, jungle gyms, and climbing walls when you were a kid? Maybe you still enjoy climbing. If so, there may be a job for you. According to Bureau Of Labor Statistics, in 2017, 18.7 percent of all jobs required workers to climb ladders, ropes, or scaffolds to complete their work assignments. Nearly all jobs among municipal firefighters and electricians require climbing. Many jobs related to construction and telecommunications also require climbing.

If heights have you feeling down, you may want a job where you don’t need to climb ladders, ropes, or scaffolds. Overall, 81.3 of jobs in 2017 did not require climbing. In some occupations, nearly all jobs do not require climbing. These occupations include licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses, human resources specialists, and computer programmers, among others.

surveyThis data is from the Occupational Requirements Survey. To learn more, see “Occupational Requirements in the United States — 2017” (HTML) (PDF) and the occupational profiles from the

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