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Out of 7,500+ schools, we identify the top 4 schools that align to your academic and career interests & abilities.

  • Help Understanding Your Options — We help students find a successful career, college, and field of study that results in a positive ROI on their educational investment.
  • Thousands of Dollars Saved — CollegeChoiceToday students and families can save between 50% to 80% on the cost of college, as more than half of college students today are taking five or six years to graduate!
  • Proprietary Tools — Our unbiased assessments gauge individual learning style, behavioral set, and personal interest, and when combined with personal attention, result in career and educational recommendations.
  • Fully Digital Platform — The system is delivered online through the website and mobile app as well as through online and over-the-phone coaches and advisors.



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About CollegeChoiceToday — CollegeChoiceToday is a technology-based educational consulting services company helping students find a successful career, college, field of study and funding.

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