/ Setting Your College Goals & Career Track

Here’s a scary fact: Only 59% of college students graduate, and 41% drop out.

Dropping out without finishing a degree leaves the student with a financial burden and no reward for the hard work, money, and effort put into class time.

CollegeChoiceToday’s Critical Step 4: Setting Goals for Students

Although the years you spend earning a college degree represent one of the most time-consuming and costly investments you will make as a young adult, incoming freshman enter the college experience with little to no understanding of how to form and set appropriate goals for their academic tenure.

Parents also rarely have the tools they need to assist in setting goals for students. Although the academic world can provide some assistance, resources often fall short of what students truly need to maximize the return on their college investment.

Through the CollegeChoiceToday Pathway to Success, we match you with a college coach to advise and assist you in setting academic goals for college.

Our coaching team is made up of expert staff with the most experienced minds in college admissions. They have college admissions experience, advanced degrees in behavior and psychological services, and provide personalized service, ensuring that you are positioned for future success.

More Challenging Facts about Finishing College Today

  • Each student changes their major an average of 3 times, increasing dropout rates and debt.
  • Nationally, there is 1 counselor for every 700 high school students.
  • While wages have stagnated, the average annual tuition costs have risen drastically, increasing 225% since 1984.

Students that graduate are more and more taking 6 years, not 4 years. When students begin a college degree, families and students enter the process believing that in 4 years they will begin earning a living wage. When students take longer to graduate, not only are parents investing more money into classes, but students are accruing more debt. A delayed graduation date means a delayed career start date, and would-be graduates are missing out on lost wages.

Families make impactful and costly education and career decisions without the proper insights, leaving the students to figure out a career track and set academic goals on their own.

The necessary data and resources are available, but none of it is in a single location that can be accessed in a user friendly, engaging, intuitive and simple way – until now!

How You Benefit from a College Coach

You immediately gain a competitive advantage over the majority of other incoming college students when matched with a CollegeChoiceToday coach. Together with your coach and CollegeChoiceToday processes, you have the tools in place to set academic goals for college and pave the path toward future career success.

Our coaches take valuable input from you regarding your personal career interests, abilities, and personality traits and help you strategically plan your future, removing the guess work from selecting a college.

With our coaches at your side, you can confidently make informed decisions on the right field of study at the best college matched specifically to you.