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A College Choice Manifesto

Attending college and obtaining a 4-year degree has become more than a rite of passage for many young people. In fact, more high school graduates are turning to higher education every year in order to obtain critical life skills, increased economic prospects, and an irreplaceable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. For these reasons, it can be difficult to overstate the importance of higher education. However, when faced with the undeniable benefits a college provides to students, we can lose sight of higher education as an industry—an industry that grows every year and is driven by a mix of agendas, directives, and constituencies.

This industry, in all of its greatness and complexity, has made a shift away from the consumer. Instead of catering to the students and their parents—the paying customers—the consumers are forced to market themselves to the institutions, instead of vise-versa. The New York Times satirizes the selectiveness of Ivy League universities in an opinion piece published in March, 2016. The article clearly identifies the stress of applying to top-tier universities due to the clear imbalance of power between the college admissions office and the applicant.

While incredibly relevant, anyone who’s recently assisted their student in the college application journey knows that the problem runs deeper than the Ivy Leagues. Even when students don’t set their eyes on Stanford or Yale, they are forced to navigate an obstacle course of hoops just to gain admission into a school of their choice.

At College Choice Today, we believe this system is broken, and our goal is to place the power back into the hands of the student. Our products are essentially leveling the playing field, and allowing students to reach their college education goals without the unnecessary uncertainty and stress. How are we doing this? We connect prospective students with the correct college choice based on their interests, goals, abilities, and personality, while also utilizing science, technology, and experience to match students with the best degree path. This process ensures students won’t waste valuable time and resources in the wrong major or even at the wrong university.

By setting students on the right path toward their career and life-goals, College Choice Today has flipped the script on the higher education system. We place our clients back in the driver’s seat, allowing them to regain control of their college experience. To learn more about our service, visit us at CollegeChoiceToday.com or call 1-844-421-6224.

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