/ Latest College News / CollegeChoiceToday attends California State University East Bay University Summit 2017

With Monica and Anthony Campos leading the way, CollegeChoiceToday (CCT) was proud to be represented at the 2017 Education Summit at California State University, East Bay.


The goal of the Summit is to increase the number of African American, Asian American, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, and First Generation students who go to college. Like CollegeChoiceToday, the Education Summit is committed to improving access to higher education for all students and ensuring that underrepresented students complete programs successfully, graduate from college, and become productive members of their communities and the next generation of leaders.

Now more than ever, students and parents need assistance to understand the landscape of options and strategies to navigate the system.  This Summit provided  resources and information to help students and families learn about the process. During the event information was shared about college opportunities, creating successful plans, applications, determining your interests and selecting a program that fits, navigating the costs of education and finding the right resources to help you achieve your goals.

This was a success for all and CollegeChoiceToday (CCT) was proud to be represented by Monica and Anthony Campos.  WAY TO GO!


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