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CollegeChoiceToday Business Partner Competes in Local “Shark Tank” 

New Hope, PA – Denise Burmester, a strategic business partner of CollegeChoiceToday, swam with the sharks this week at the second annual Bucks/Montgomery County Business Conference.

Prior to the conference, Denise entered CollegeChoiceToday into a “Sell it to the Sharks” contest – a community spin-off of the ABC series “Shark Tank”. Denise was then selected as one of three finalists to present his/her business plan to the judges, or “sharks” at the conference on October 20. The winner of the contest received $5,000 to invest into the business.

Denise presented CollegeChoiceToday in front of the judges and an audience of about 60 other business owners, explaining the shocking costs and statistics students today are facing and how CollegeChoiceToday provides solutions and information to make an informed decision about their futures.

“They were in disbelief when I shared the statistics on the time it takes to complete a Bachelor’s degree and the counselor-to-student ratio here in Pennsylvania,” said Denise. “It made me feel good that they listened and were engaged.”

Although she did not win the contest, Denise still considered the event a victory. After the presentation, Denise was approached by other local businesses that want to partner with her and CollegeChoiceToday to work with students and parents in the community.

“I wish I could say I won the prize, but I feel I really won this week,” said Denise. “I feel very confident in how to talk about CollegeChoiceToday and have an awesome start on a presentation to take to the parents in my area.”

CollegeChoiceToday is proud to have such outstanding strategic business partners. Great job, Denise!

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