/ The Results of Your Online Career & College Assessment.

Did you know that today, college students routinely change majors three times during their college career?

The truth is that choosing a college major can be a real challenge.

CollegeChoiceToday helps students find a major that ultimately aligns with their career choice more quickly.

Comprehensive online career assessments and aptitude tests help students jump into their college career confidently, with a clear vision of how their skills, passion, and aptitude match with their chosen field of study and their overall career goals.

What to Expect from Your Career Assessment Results

After completing the interview process of Step 1 and taking the career assessment of Step 2, Step 3 on our Pathway to Success is a valuable deliverable — a comprehensive report that covers the following components:

  1. All of the necessary information to select the ideal college major.
  2. A perfectly matched school selection.
  3. Clearly outlined career goals.
  4. Information on college affordability including various scholarship information and other payment options.
  5. An expected return on investment.

We determine the five components of this report using the one-of-a-kind technology that makes CollegeChoiceToday the only career assessment solution — proprietary psychometric instruments with roots extending over 30 years.

Our team of experts use assessment technology that pulls data from more than 90 databases including the U.S. Department of Labor and Education. Our college and career recommendations are then delivered over digital technology, followed by face-to-face input.

Online, Secure and Easy to Use, Even on Mobile!

After completing the career assessment, you receive a comprehensive report online -readable on any device.

We built our online, cloud-based system (that means you can access it on any internet-connected device) around a robust and secure architecture trusted by companies around the world – even those in the most heavily regulated industries from financial services to healthcare and government.

No one else in the education sphere offers a product that even comes close to our robust, well-developed tools, combined with ultimate user security and the ease of online use.

Finally, an Unbiased Approach to Choosing a Major

The education system has an inherent bias. Students can be led astray when choosing a major, as high competition is driven by limited enrollment.

CollegeChoiceToday prioritizes your success. All of the tools we utilize are based in unbiased methods, ensuring your interests are represented 100% of the time.

When you receive the assessment report, you will be equipped with the tools and information you need to make informed college decisions.