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Did you know – 80% of students enter college without selecting a major.  50% of students change their major in college and only 59% will graduate. Unless you have done something different, there is a chance this will be you and you will be part of the $1.7 trillion in student debt.

As you or your student approach the end of high school, the time to look ahead toward college has come. This is an exciting time filled with so many hopes and possibilities, but it’s also natural to feel overwhelmed as the real work of selecting a college and a field of study begins.

CollegeChoiceToday provides you the necessary direction and information so you will make an informed decision – helping to eliminate the frustration and uncertainty.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right College

Most students select colleges and majors based on family and friends. Never really knowing the real opportunity and possibility within the United States.

A student might pick a university based on their family’s history rather than a love of their particular campus and culture. In cases like this, once a student begins college, they can find that the fields of study are limited, or the best option may not be represented in their college course catalog.

All of these reasons lead to the new reality: the majority of college students take six years to graduate rather than the target four years. This costs students and their parents both time, money and lost opportunity.

Work with a Coach Who Knows Your Top Options

At CollegeChoiceToday, we understand the guessing game so often associated with college and career selection, and we have designed a program to manage this process, align expectations, and ensure the discovery of the best college fit and field of study for students. CollegeChoiceToday provides all the tools you need for a student to catapult into a meaningful career that FITS.

The first step in our process is an online interview with your  personal college coach. Our experts in behavior and psychology provide advice by asking the questions that help a student and their family come to understand  what they all are looking for in the college experience and career to follow. Each student receives a customized experience tailored to his or her exact needs. We begin by asking questions to determine the best fit by surfacing everyone’s goals.

Questions in the Step 1 interview include:

  1. Are you interested in public or private school?
  2. How far from home is the student looking to go?
  3. What’s the family budget for college?

Through the process, we determine the students’ interests, talents, and abilities by asking questions that uncover:

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you like to do?
  3. What do you want to be?
  4. What do you want to study?

Often times the answers to these questions are hard to come by without helpful coaching and guidance. This is why the interview process of Step 1 is an essential first step in aligning everyone’s expectations. Through the online interview, your coach can begin learning how to maximize the college return on investment for everyone, which will pave the way for determining the best college and career choice.

Selecting the right college and field of study can be described as one of the most costly and essential decisions of your student’s life. These decisions set a precedent for his or her entire future, and while most students stumble into the wrong college, we can help your student catapult into the right one.