CollegeChoiceToday is excited to offer this mobile service in helping you make a more informed decision on the best fit career and education. Our award-winning technology along with your personally assigned coach will help you uncover options that are not easily available to the general public.  In addition, you will gain valuable insights into yourself, and we will show you how you can use these valuable insights to gain that competitive edge.

We recognize that there are different needs for every student and family.  Because of this we offer three (2) choices for you to select from, each has their own unique code. If you are using a personal coach please insert your unique code for your customized service.

  1. $49.95, enter code CCT49.  This is a great report.  You will receive  your personal assessment, top 20 best fit careers, 4 schools aligned to your needs and careers, list of over 7,500 scholarships and grants, and a full report on your interests, capabilities, and personality. Every report will be personally reviewed by the CCT coaching team before it is sent to your email address.  In addition, you will have full access to all help guides and links to the most important sight for career and education planning.
  2. $195.00, enter code CCT195. This is the most comprehensive report, giving the student and family the full attention and access to one-on-one report review and coaching.

With every report you will have detailed views of careers, schools, scholarship, your personal assessment, mobile access to detailed data from 90 different data bases to include the Department of Education, Department of Economic Development, Department of Labor and much more.  All of this information comes from 1000’s of different data points that are unique to only you, used by only you.  Our mission is to provide you the necessary information so that you can make an informed decision in your career and education.  In addition, you have full access to all the helpful guides like the SAT, ACT, Essay writing, College Checklist and many more.


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