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Congratulations! You have taken the first big step toward defining your pathway to success.  We are excited to provide you with your assessment results, which will help you make an informed decision regarding your career and education. As school and career become more challenging, the importance of retaining a competitive advantage will become increasingly important.  By going through the CollegeChoiceToday process, you can rest assured that you will have every necessary tool at your disposal.  Remember, at any time we are here for you at or 1.844.412.6224.

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Education Results


Type Job Name Job ID Rank Bright Outlook

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Your Assessment Results

College Results

Thank you for providing valuable information concerning your personal college interests, needs, and desires. We’ve taken your thoughtful input, and compared it with data from over 7,500 schools using over 90 different databases, creating an unbiased, unique profile that highlights your best college matches. Based on your comparative results and personal parameters, our team proudly recommends the following schools to help you realize your dream.

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Career Results

In order to match your unique set of skills, knowledge, and abilities with the ideal career, the CCT process analyzes thousands of occupation characteristics, providing you with an unbiased and accurate career suggestion. To do this, we bring together multiple data sources, including information from the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training.

The following report has matched you with actual positions currently available in today’s job market, and we have ensured that you possess the same characteristics as successful people already working in these positions.

Each occupation given a Bright Outlook designation matches at least one of the following three criteria:

  • Rapid Growth — Recent trends project these occupations to grow at a rate that rapidly exceeds the average—specifically, an employment increase of 14% or more over the period 2014-2024.
    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-2024 employment projections. Projected growth represents the estimated change in total employment over the projections period (2014-2024).
  • Numerous Job Openings — Employment projections indicate that these occupations will offer 100,000 or more job openings over the period 2014-2024.
    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-2024 employment projections. Projected job openings represent openings due to growth and replacement.
  • New and Emerging — These unique occupations provide New & Emerging job opportunities in high growth industries.
    Source: National Center for O*NET Development. See New & Emerging development reportfor more information.
Type Career Overview Rank Bright Outlook

What do the different colors mean?


A strong capability is a behavior you consistently do with positive results; working out of a strength typically leads to the highest levels of success and satisfaction.


A moderate capability is a behavior that you do occasionally, either because of situational demands or inexperience, with varying levels of positive results; it may grow into a strength or it may remain a behavior you only do on important occasions.


A behavior that is of minimal capability is likely a behavior you prefer to avoid or struggle to perform; although with great effort this could improve and result in positive results, in most cases this is not likely to become a consistent strength.

Unique Characteristics/Strengths


If this is a strength, you are reliable and responsible. When you commit to doing something, it gets done. People count on you and you are faithful to deliver. You will excel in jobs that require dependability and where fulfilling your own or the organization’s obligations are critical.

Concern for others

If this is a strength, you are sensitive to others’ feelings and concerned about their well-being. When someone needs help, you willingly step forward. People look to you for support and encouragement. You will excel in jobs that require listening to, championing, and addressing others’ needs and interests.

Attention to Detail

If this is a strength, you naturally pay attention to details. When something is missing, wrong, or not in its place you notice it. You take a thorough and careful approach to your work. You will perform well in jobs that require being meticulous so that tasks are complete, accurate, and according to plans.


If this is a strength, you are good natured and like to help others. When it is important to share information and work together, people turn to you. People consider you good-natured and a peace maker. You will perform well in jobs that require being kind and cooperative.


If this is a strength, you are an initiator and willing to take charge. When a situation requires someone to step up and make a decision, you do it. People look to you for direction and your opinion. You will perform well in jobs that require leading and persuading others to accomplish tasks and goals.

Stress tolerance

If this is a strength, you are calm and collected under pressure. When circumstances are stressful, you remain focused, productive, and under control. People look to you to be calm in the storm. You will perform well in high-stress jobs that require dealing with criticism and handling pressure.

Social orientation

If this is a strength, you are energized by and connect with others. When a task requires working with people, you are eager to participate. Not many people are strangers to you, you are a people-person. You will shine in jobs that require meeting, working with, and developing relationships with others.


If this is a strength, you are calm and self-disciplined. When a situation requires maintaining composure and keeping your emotions in check, you are able to do so even in challenging circumstances. People don’t easily rattle you. You will perform well in jobs that require a level head and self-control.


If this is a strength, you think creatively and act innovatively. When a task or challenge requires novel ideas or improvements you are quick to provide them. People look to you for out-of-the ordinary ideas and methods. You will perform well in jobs that require the knack for creative and unique solutions.


If this is a strength, you are honest and do what is right. When an action or person is acting unethically, you notice it and resist it. People know you will do what is right regardless of the consequences. You will excel in jobs where being trustworthy is essential.

Personality Results

Casual — Conscientious

Your score on the Casual — Conscientious factor indicates how focused you are on being dependable, reliable, and organized in your work and academic pursuits.


If you are more Conscientious – You are a high achiever and hold yourself to high standards. You are responsible and dependable, and tend to be precise, detailed, and organized in your work. Work, goals, and accomplishment can become all-consuming to you. Your sense of diligence and loyalty is a strength, but it may make adapting to change difficult for you. You have a strong work ethic and will do well in almost all occupations.

If you are more Casual - You are easy going, flexible, and willing to change. You like being free to do things at your own pace, and tend to get bored or frustrated with the detailed parts of work. You are not that motivated by goals or responsibilities and setting and keeping a schedule is a challenge for you. You will do best in jobs allowing you creativity and flexibility with broad but clear expectations.

Suspicious — Agreeable

The Suspicious — Agreeable factor evaluates your tendency toward being sensitive to others concerns and cooperative or being competitive and suspicious.


If you are more agreeable – You are empathetic and understanding. You get along well with others, harmony is important to you in groups, and you tend to be a peacemaker. Cooperation is more important to you than getting your own way. You do well in settings that operate according to standard procedures. Work that will be fulfilling for you involves helping others, requires collaboration with others, and may include serving people.

If you are more suspicious - You question things and are sometimes skeptical of others’ motives. You tend to be competitive and may be perceived by others as insensitive. You can be impatient with people who have different opinions than you and may have difficulty maintaining relationships. You tend to be a skilled negotiator. You likely will do well in jobs that involve competition or a task-orientation, require objectivity, and may include decisions that result in negative consequences for people.

Introverted — Extraverted

The Introverted — Extraverted factor assesses how social and outgoing you are and how this influences your energy and initiative in social situations.


If you are more extraverted – You are people-oriented and like to work in groups. You often assume leadership in groups, whether formally or informally, and take the initiative to get people together and decide what to do. You are comfortable talking with new people and working with people is usually energizing to you. Your social skills make you a good fit for jobs that involve a high level of client or customer interaction, require you to initiate conversations or actions, and may include persuading others.

If you are more Introverted - You like to work alone. You tend to be quiet and more serious than others. You are careful in your decision-making, think things through, and are a good problem solver. Working or interacting with a lot of people can wear you out. You will fit well in jobs that involve working independently, require careful reflection and deliberate actions, and don’t include a great deal of interaction.

Unsettled - Stable

The Unsettled - Stable factor measures how calm and at ease you tend to be with yourself and your ability to maintain your focus and composure in stressful situations.


If you are more stable – You are good at handling stressful situations and can keep your cool. You don’t spend much time worrying and are generally calm. You are not easily bothered by people or challenging situations, which may allow you to be an effective leader. You are tolerant of others regardless of background. You have the capability to perform well in jobs that involve stress and unpredictability, require staying calm and under control, and may include close interaction with people who are different from you.

If you are more unsettled - You perform best in low stress environments where you are not pressured by others. You feel most comfortable with clear expectations and no surprises. You sometimes focus on feelings of sadness, anxiety, or regret that may cause you to draw inward and possibly become irritable with others. You tend to worry but in certain situations your concern can be helpful. You may have difficulty controlling your emotions. You will do best in jobs that involve tangible skills and require relatively low levels of stress and conflict.

Predictable - Open

The Predictable - Open factor gauges how comfortable you are trying new things and taking chances in life as opposed to following a predictable path.


If you are more open – You seek variety and adventure in your life and work. You tend to be creative and appreciate creativity in others. You are adaptable, eager to learn, and get bored doing the same things over and over. You like to create and investigate. Jobs that will fit you well involve being creative, require learning or experiencing new things, and likely include having to analyze people or problems.

If you are more predictable - You value consistency in your relationships and work. You are reliable and thrive on routine. You prefer proven methods and trust experience and tend to be uncomfortable with spontaneous changes. You focus on what is practical and efficient. Jobs that are a good match for you involve completing routine tasks, require following consistent rules or processes, and may involve repetitive tasks or behavior.

Career Interests

Realistic Scale

Scoring high on Realistic interests indicates you are “Doer.” You likely enjoy building or repairing things and hands-on tasks involving tangible problems that require practical solutions. This suggests you will prefer occupations working with plants, animals, wood, or materials and utilizing tools, equipment, or machinery.

Social Scale

Scoring high on Social interests indicates you are a “Helper.” You likely enjoy interacting with others and helping in their growth or progress by providing advice, instruction, or assistance. This suggests you prefer occupations that involve working with people more so than with data, machines, or objects.

Investigative Scale

Scoring high on Investigative interests indicates you are a “Thinker.” You likely enjoy analyzing, researching, and exploring using your mind. This suggests you will prefer occupations that require a great deal of thought or calculation and involve complex challenges or solving problems.

Enterprising Scale

Scoring high on Enterprising interests indicates that are a “Persuader.” You likely enjoy initiating action, implementing plans, and leading others to achieve goals. This suggests you will prefer occupations that involve making decisions and influencing people, especially as it relates to starting or managing businesses.

Artistic Scale

Scoring high on Artistic interests indicates you are a “Creator.” You likely enjoy creating things, performing for others, and developing new ideas and designs. This suggests you will prefer occupations that allow for self-expression in work activities and involve tasks that are free from rigid rules or standards.

Conventional Scale

Scoring high on Conventional interests indicates you are an “Organizer.” You likely enjoy work that follows established procedures and routines and deals with precise information. This suggests that you will prefer occupations involving clear guidelines and solutions, and working on practical applications more so than with abstract ideas.