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CONGRATULATIONS ON TAKING YOUR FIRST STEP!  Through this assessment your coach will work with you to first help you determine who you are.  We do this by identifying your interests, personality, and abilities.  We will use this information to find your best fit careers and then align those careers to the appropriate academic path! Once you have completed your assessment, your coach will immediately go to work for you.  You can expect to hear from your coach within 48 hours.  Your personal coach will research 1,000’s of careers, schools, majors and introduce you to potential financial options. Once our research is completed, your personal coach will review the results and prepare a straight forward report so you can make a well informed decision.

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Congratulations!  Your journey now begins to determine your "best fit" schools! BEFORE YOU START: Please give yourself 20-30 minutes of time without interruption to take both assessments.  Both assessments must be completed in one session.  If you are not ready to start refer back to your email and use the log in at another time.  Enjoy the process!

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Please tell us about your school choices.

Enter up to 4 schools  If you do not know your top four schools, no worries.  We want you to think about what you are looking for so you will need to put at least one school in the system. Once we have all your information we will review your choices with many other options and discuss this during your personal coaching session. Good luck and enjoy the process.

How much is budgeted for college annually?

How many students would you like within your school?

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Please tell us about your test scores.  If you have not taken the SAT/ACT no worriers. Just go onto the next session. Later in the assessment we will be asking you questions that will allow us to get this information. If you are looking to take the SAT/ACT we have a great program guaranteed to increase your scores. Ask your referring distributor or email us at coach@collegechoicetoday.com for your discount code.

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ACT Composite

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Please tell us if you have any special preferences.

Would you like your school to have a sports program? Many students want to participate or go to games.  If this is something that you may be interested in let us know below.  If you are a potential student athlete and may receive a scholarship, let us know.  You will have an opportunity to give us some information on the next page.

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Congratulations on finishing the education section. The CCT system will now take your data and begin looking through over 7,000 colleges, schools, and universities. The last part of the assessment, will help us determine your best fit careers.  The CCT system will use your data to search through 1,000's of possibilities. Because we review many possible options, your coach may contact you with a couple of clarifying questions.  You can expect to review your completed report within 48 hours.