/ What to Expect & How to Prepare for College

Oh, pomp and circumstance. You’ll soon be hearing that time-worn tune, or maybe it’s an echo from your high school commencement ceremony a few weeks ago.

When you’ve graduated from high school, it’s time to begin planning for college! Whether you’re moving across the country for school, or simply commuting across town, there are many ways you can make sure you’re prepared for college life.

With college counseling and resources from CollegeChoiceToday, you have expert guiding to help you begin your first class with confidence.

Following this checklist makes planning for college incredibly straight-forward.

  • Ensure your financial aid and or scholarship funding has gone through.
    At CollegeChoiceToday, we walk you through every part of your admission process, including assistance in prepping and filing all of your financial aid and scholarship paperwork. Whether you’ve earned merit-based funding, are relying on government assistance, or taking out student loans, we can answer your questions and help you secure your financial funding for college.
  • Attend freshman orientation.
    Although freshman orientation varies per school, most universities host at least one opportunity to get you acclimated to the campus, meet other students, get connected to university culture, register for classes, and much more. CCT will connect you with the right orientation and welcome events, setting you up for first semester success.
  • Connect with your roommate or confirm your living situation.
    Whatever your particular arrangements, it’s important to iron out details before move-in day. CollegeChoiceToday takes into consideration all of your personal preferences before matching you with specific colleges. Whether you need to stay close to home or if you’re planning to move across the country, CCT will connect you with the right living arrangements well in advance, so you won’t walk into any surprises.
  • Get familiar with your college town.
    As part of the CCT Pathway to Success, we look closely at the type of college town where you want to spend the next four years of your life, so you should already be somewhat familiar with the location. Still, you’ll find it incredibly beneficial to do some additional research now. Whether you memorize your new home town’s public transportation system, look up the grocery stores closest to campus, or write down a list of interesting restaurants to visit, knowing the basics will prevent a typical clueless freshman moment.
  • Set up a LinkedIn account.
    Most incoming college freshman have active social media accounts, but LinkedIn operates on another level. Although similar in many ways to Facebook, LinkedIn provides a professional networking component that no other platform currently matches. Remember, once you’re ready to build your resume, secure internships, and prep for interviews, CollegeChoiceToday coaches will be there to get you organized!

Following these steps will ensure you are prepped and ready to take on your first college semester, and your CollegeChoiceToday team is always just a phone call or email away! (Check out our other checklist for high school seniors prepping for college.)