/ Connecting You with Jobs for Graduates

As you close out your final college semester, you’ll feel your job search heating up.

CollegeChoiceToday connects its college graduates with valuable search tools, providing an extra competitive edge in today’s job market.

In order to help you effectively search for jobs, CollegeChoiceToday makes sure you avoid the following typical pitfalls that deter graduates from quickly landing their first professional job:

  1.  Lack of Initiative
    Too many graduates take a laid-back approach to finding that first job, believing something will just fall into their laps. Proactively hunting down potential job prospects comes easier to CollegeChoiceToday clients who have a team of experts identifying the types of jobs best suited for their specific major, interests, and aptitudes. CCT effectively focuses your prospects, helping you make the right job connections.
  2. Overuse of the Internet
    Landing that perfect job requires you to extend your search beyond simply browsing the Internet for entry-level job postings. CollegeChoiceToday connections allow for casting a much wider net, providing you with valuable employment information which translates into legitimate job prospects.With CollegeChoiceToday in your corner, there’s no reason to spend hours combing through various online services. Our coaches do the work for you by connecting you to the information you need to apply for that perfect post-graduation job.
  3. Failing to Follow Up
    Once you’ve identified the perfect position and you’re ready to apply, how do you effectively follow-up? Most recent grads spend years studying, memorizing, and learning how to ace their tests and projects — not prepping for the job market. This is where we come in.

CollegeChoiceToday provides career coaching, help with resume preparation, and interview prep to make sure that when you’re ready to apply for that job, you’ll nail an interview and successfully land that first position post-graduation.