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College Cost of Education

The industry of higher education has changed dramatically over the past two decades, and an undergraduate education is no longer a luxury that only a select few pursue. In most industries, even the entry level positions require a bachelor’s degree just to nail an interview. But beginning the college search can be daunting, and if you’re the parent of a high schooler, your head is likely spinning over the amount of options, information, paper work, and complexity around selecting the right school and the right major.

The True Cost of a College Education

While more students than ever are graduating every year with college degrees, the price for admission has simultaneously been rising. The yearly price for a private, nonprofit university has risen 68% just since 2000. As a parent, investing your life’s savings and borrowing from your 401k accounts to send your 18-year-old to college can prove a large and risky investment—especially if your child is not positive about his/her desired career path. The data shows that very few high school grads have a clear vision for what they would enjoy studying over the next four years, as 80% of students will not designate a major when they begin their first semester.

How to Make the Right Choice

These are just some of the reasons we created College Choice Today. We use science, technology, and people to provide unique insights and recommendations to ensure that your college choice is the right choice. Not only can CCT save students and parents from the financial burden that comes from investing in the wrong school, but we can save everyone the stress of postponed graduation dates that result from changing majors and even transferring schools.

Results You Can Count On

  • CCT students enter college with a chosen major, which they are unlikely to change.
  • CCT students will graduate and they’ll do it within 4 years.
  • Parents of CCT students will end up paying 50-80% less for college.

Most students stumble into the wrong college, but we can help you accelerate into the right one. CCT acts as a guidance counselor for the parents, and we assist you and your student every step of the way. Here’s how to get started: visit our website at: www.collegechoicetoday.com/get-started/ and our team of professionals will begin working to individually determine the best possible college selection, career path, and much more. Meanwhile, you can rest easy knowing we’ve taken the insanity out of college selection.

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