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On Friday, March 24, 2017, high school junior Paisley Murray at Morrisville High School received the first CollegeChoiceToday Service Scholarship in the state of Pennsylvania.

Paisley was selected by Nicole Culnan, the Morrisville High School Guidance counselor, because Ms. Culnan sees the tremendous potential in Paisley. She sees Paisley as a student who is ambitious and sets goals and works to achieve them.  Morrisville High School had lost their arts funding and cannot offer the students drama and arts at this time.  But Paisley, knowing she wanted to pursue this interest found other avenues and got an audition for which she needed practice space.  The school worked with her to allow her the space to prepare for the audition.  Paisley found a way when many would have given up.

Paisley was sponsored by Carole Janssens, a financial services professional with a major insurer in Bucks County.  Ms. Janssens has been helping families in our area put together college savings plans and has been very involved in community outreach to include Child ID and work with Bucks County Opportunity Council. Ms. Janssens met Denise Burmester of College Choice Today at the BuxMont BizCon Shark Tank Competition, where Ms. Burmester was a competitor with her new local business.  Ms. Janssens suggested that she and Ms. Burmester work together to help families in the community prepare for college financially and with helping students find the right college, major and career.  Janssens and Burmester are working on free parent workshops to bring to the community to educate them about college savings and the process of determining next steps after high school and the college search. If you would like more information on saving for college or insurance needs, you can contact Carole Janssens at 267-614-0201.  If you would like more information about College Choice Today and the college and career counseling services Denise Burmester offers, see her website at CollegeChoiceToday.com or contact her at 215-346-5925

CollegeChoiceToday Strategic Business Partner Denise Burmester presented Paisley Murrary with her service scholarship, joined Rachel Kamp her mother; Michael J. Kopakowski, Principal; Nicole Culnan, Guidance Counselor;  and Carole Janssens, sponsor.

CollegChoiceToday would like to thank Carole Janssens and Paisley Murray, and wish Paisley the very best as she begins her next chapter!

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