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How Much Are You Spending on College Applications? 

College is a huge investment of time, effort and of course, money. But before even stepping foot on campus, students are spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars selecting their schools. Take a look at the costs encountered during the application process alone.

Application Fees

College applications can include a series of short-answer questions, an essay (or two or three), personal statements, resumes or a combination of everything. After hours of revising and editing, deleting and rewriting, you’re finally ready to hit “SUBMIT” only to find you must also pay a $50 application fee.

According to U.S. News the average cost for a college application fee in 2011 was $37.45. In 2015, the cost increased to $41, multiplied by an average of 12-15 applications per student.

Test Submission Fees

Along with submitting the application and its fee, students must also submit test scores. The SAT score submission fee is $50; along with $11 extra if you chose submit more than one SAT score report. Sending multiple scores is common, because it shows improvement for students who take the exam more than once. Additionally, students may choose to also take SAT subject tests, such as a foreign language exam, to showcase academic strengths or because it is a college requirement. Submitting the SAT foreign language subject test is another $46, or $35 for non-language SAT subject test submissions.

The ACT has fees as well. The ACT submission fee is $35, and any additional scores are $11 per submission. Most colleges require or highly recommend taking the writing portion of the ACT exam, which is another $50 for submission.

The ACT, SAT and SAT subject tests are valuable tools used by universities to complement college applications and provide a holistic view of the student. To minimize costs and maximize student success, be intentional when submitting applications and associated test scores.

Campus Tours

Whether you’re just thinking about college, or you’ve been accepted and need to decide between schools, campus tours are a great way to get a feel for the college environment. Depending on the school however, this could be a short road trip or a cross-country plane ride. Campus tours are usually free of charge, but you are footing the bill for the cost of travel and taking time from school and work. Families can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars visiting college campuses.

How to Reduce the Costs

Let CollegeChoiceToday help you refine your search. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars and countless hours on applications to schools you have no interest in pursuing. Our coaches will help you identify the schools that meet your needs, and save you money by choosing quality over quantity when applying.

CollegeChoiceToday also allows you to learn about your schools, see pictures and take virtual tours! “Walk” the campus without taking a step out your front door. This unique feature gives you a full perspective of the college of your choice. This includes dorms, dinning halls, academic buildings, and student centers.

Start with the end in mind. Understand your strengths, find your best-fit careers and match with colleges that fit your needs. Don’t apply to schools “just because” and waste your time writing essays and sending in test score. Talk with your coach about your best options. Get started today to make the most of your time and money, and make an informed decision about your future.

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