/ How Can We Find and Pay for the Right College for Our Child?

If you have a high school student, you’re not alone in wondering:

  1. What career path will be fulfilling and provide financial stability?
  2. What colleges will accept my student and also meet my student’s lifestyle and study criteria?
  3. How can I help manage the cost of college for my child?

CollegeChoiceToday has the answers.

Our technology and college coaching helps students and families along every step of the journey from high school through college to career life.

How to Find the Right College with CollegeChoiceToday

You know you want the best education for your child that also makes sense financially.

helping your child find a college

There are a few things you could use some guidance with in helping your child find a college:

  • You don’t know all the colleges out there.
  • You don’t know all the career paths that match your child’s aptitudes and interests.
  • And you don’t know all the financial aid and scholarships available to your student and family.

This is exactly where CollegeChoiceToday can help.

Take an online test to identify their interests and aptitude

For just $495, your student will receive:

  • An online assessment to identify their interests, personality and abilities.
  • List of best fit careers aligning to their interests, personality and abilities.
  • Colleges that specialize in the field of study for the selected career.
  • Access to tools that will help them find scholarships and grants.

From helping your child understand who they are, finding that best fit career and educational path, to paying for your child’s college education, CollegeChoiceToday’s college coaching and college matching technology helps students and parents find that best fit providing  a secure start for a bright future.

Helping Your Child Find a College by Asking the Right Questions

Like any research project, finding the right school for your college-bound teenager starts with questions. Your questions are likely:

  • What careers will my child feel fulfilled by and ultimately financially stable?
  • Is there a college that meets my criteria and my child’s study interests and student life expectations?
  • How likely is it that these colleges will admit my child?
  • What financial aid and scholarships is my family and child eligible for, and how can we make sure to apply?

College counseling by CollegeChoiceToday also starts with questions. In fact, the program starts with a coach interviewing the parents and students separately to assess their interests and hopes from college.

The questions in the initial interview focus in on factors like the location and size of the school, field of study, test scores, and student lifestyle.

We’re hooked into the U.S. Department of Education and its database of over 7,500 schools. After the interviews we develop a short list of schools, including a stretch school and safety school.


  • admissions?

  • interests?

  • careers?

  • scholarships?

Finding Your Child’s Possible Career Paths

Does your student know what they want to be when they grow up? It’s totally normal if they don’t! But wouldn’t it be nice to know what career fields there are that your child would be uniquely good at based on their personality and interests?

Here’s part of the CollegeChoiceToday secret sauce. We’ve developed a career aptitude test like no other. It’s a psychographic assessment – that means a study of personality, interests, values, opinions and lifestyle – and it takes just 15 to 30 minutes online.

Here we’re hooked up with the U.S. Department of labor and its database of the country’s many diverse jobs and industries. We then align a suggested career track with colleges and majors so your child knows one direct path from high school to fulfilling career

Paying for Your Child’s College Education

There is one more piece of the college selection process and that’s paying for college. Do you know the dollars and cents cost of college today?

The cost of college varies greatly, depending on in-state and out-of-state status, two-year and four-year schools, private and public institutions. We encourage you to take a look at the cost of college break down we’ve compiled.

There’s good news in all this talk of cost. CollegeChoiceToday is equipped to set your student up with financial aid, student loans and even identify appropriate scholarships to apply for. For more on how to pay for college, visit Paying for College.

From managing the cost of college to finding the best fit college your student will love and learn from, CollegeChoiceToday is the answer. Our technology and college coaching help students and families along every step of the journey from high school through college to career life. Get started!

The cost of college varies greatly