/ College Doesn’t Have to Cost That Much. Here’s How to Pay for College.

Do you know the dollars and cents cost of college today?

  • $24,930

    The average yearly tuition and fees of a public four-year college for out-of-state students

  • $33,480

    The average yearly tuition and fees of a private four-year college

  • $9,650

    The average yearly tuition and fees of a public four-year college for in-state students

  • $3,347

    The average yearly tuition and fees of a public two-year college for in-district students

The price you pay for your child or student to go to college can vary greatly depending on whether any scholarships or financial aid is obtained, four-year schools versus two-year schools, private or public institutions, and in-state or out-of-state student status.

Beyond cost considerations, you want your child to find the college that sets them on the best path for their future!

The Real Cost of College Today

Knowing how to pay for a college can be a challenging task. With the average cost of college increasing by 12% to 20% each year, paying for college isn’t getting any easier.

But did you know there are actually two prices for college?

Tuition for the “informed buyer” and for the “uninformed buyer” are very different.

Which Price Will You Pay?

CollegeChoiceToday’s highly trained college financial advisors and placement experts can provide you with little-known strategies for saving thousands on college costs.

Based on your specific circumstances, needs and goals, we guide you in the following areas:

  • Which schools are likely to grant admission
  • If you are a candidate for financial aid
  • How much financial aid you can expect to receive
  • How much you can expect to receive in scholarships and grants
  • Which scholarships a student qualifies for and how to get the money
  • How to increase your financial aid eligibility
  • How to increase opportunity for tuition discounts
  • How to negotiate a better financial aid award
  • How to maximize education tax credits

We also advise our clients of common and costly mistakes to avoid. We have proven strategies for saving during college years, strategies for parents and grandparents, and strategies for leveraging your business to reduce college costs.



Paying for College: Scholarships, Saving and Loan Applications

There’s more good news. There are billions of dollars available in scholarships and funding each year.

With scholarship funds and affordable student loans, the task of paying for college can transform from a seemingly insurmountable challenge into an achievable goal.

CollegeChoiceToday helps students and families discover scholarships and financial aid that a student is eligible for. We can assist in the application process every step of the way.

We’re experts on the best ways to pay for a college education, and we’re here to help students benefit from our experience.

Find out more about CollegeChoiceToday’s Pathway to Success model.