/ Your Answer to the Question “How Do I Choose a College & Career?”

Have you heard the question yet?

It’s a big question, but it doesn’t have to be a hard one.

“Where do you want to go to college?”

You could hear it a hundred times before you graduate high school.

Don’t stress.

You might not be sure what your options are. You might not know what you’re looking for.

College Choice Today helps you figure it out.

How to Find the Right College for You with CollegeChoiceToday

Your personal coach will help you weigh your options and discover colleges that make sense for you.

CollegeChoiceToday helps you answer the important questions

CollegeChoiceToday helps you answer the important questions to narrow down your college & career choices:

  • What are your interests both inside of school and out?
  • What subjects in school do you excel at?
  • Do you have a career plan or path in mind?
  • Why do you want to go to college?
  • In what state or region would you like to go to college?

We’ll guide you through the college and major selection process

We’ll guide you through the college and major selection process with our online assessments and interviews:

  • Take a 20-minute online assessment to identify your interests, personality and abilities.
  • Get a list of careers that align with your unique interests, personality and abilities.
  • Get a list of colleges that specialize in the field of study for a selected career.
  • Research tool to discover scholarships and financial aid opportunities that you are eligible for.
  • Personal career and educational coach.

Working with CollegeChoiceToday, you’ll receive a list of best fit colleges, careers, majors, financial aid information and scholarship opportunities!  Contact now coach@collegechoicetoday.com or 1.844.412.6224 Ext. 703

Did You Know?

  • The average student will spend 6 years completing a college degree.

  • 48% of students drop out or change schools in the first year.

  • The average cost of colleges continues to increase by 12% to 20% percent each year.

Set yourself a clear pathway to success with CollegeChoiceToday.

Asking the Right Questions and Avoiding Common Mistakes

You don’t need to know where you’re going to college today. But you will need to make some big decisions soon.

CollegeChoiceToday starts a dialogue with you and your family to help identify the criteria you’ll need to consider as you begin down the college selection path. We will help you work through many of the following considerations:


As you begin the college selection process, it doesn’t take much time to recognize the sheer number of potential schools you could choose. You can quickly cross potential schools off your list, however, by defining a target geographic area. Ask yourself how close you want to stay to home. Do you want to visit on weekends? Do you want to explore a different part of the country? Your coach at CollegeChoiceToday will explore these questions with you and your family to define a target geographic area.


When looking at college selection criteria, make sure to consider size as an important factor. Did you go to a small or large high school? Do you like living in big cities or small towns? Colleges come in all shapes and sizes, and the size of a university can greatly impact your overall college experience.


Have you determined how you will pay for college? Our coaches take all your budget constraints into consideration, and help you evaluate the true cost of college versus a school’s “sticker price.” For example, private schools have higher tuition rates than public schools, but they also provide help to students in the form of private scholarships. This is an area where CollegeChoiceToday’s expansive network of data and expertise can potentially save you thousands on college tuition.

Avoid These Pitfalls and Mistakes

We also help you steer clear of common mistakes when choosing a college that might cost you lost tuition in the long run. Some mistakes we’ve helped our students avoid include:

  1. Procrastinating: Finding the perfect college & career fit takes time, and rushing the process will only hinder your ability to make an informed college choice.
  2. Relationship goals: Following your high school sweetheart to college may seem romantic, but don’t make this big mistake. Choosing a school based on your significant other could cost you and your family big bucks and valuable time.
  3. Family tradition: Although your family may have a history of attending a specific university, try to avoid making a college choice based on the legacy lure alone. The best school for your mom, dad, or sibling may not turn out to be the best choice for you.
  1. Your social life: Although having a robust social atmosphere will greatly enhance your college experience, don’t specifically select a school based on its party scene. This kind of atmosphere can greatly inhibit your ability to focus on passing your classes and planning your future.
  2. Fan favorite: College sports provide amazing entertainment, but loyalty to a specific team does not provide an adequate reason to attend that particular university.
  3. One track mind: Although you’ve always visualized yourself attending one particular dream school, keep your options open. You can absolutely still go to your first choice, but you never know what other great schools might actually provide a better fit.

Let an expert help you weigh your options and discover career and colleges that are a good fit for you. College Choice Today is a friendly and affordable guide on the journey to your college future.  Contact us today for a free consultation at coach@collegechoicetoday.com or 1.844.412.6224 Ext. 703. We are here to help you.

How to Know if a College Is the Right Fit for You

There are more than 7,500 schools in the U.S. How will you find one that fits all your criteria?

College Choice Today’s technology helps you to create a roadmap from college to a rewarding career.

Through straightforward school recommendations based on your location, personality, and choice of major, we can give you the peace of mind and tools to choose a college that makes sense academically, financially and for your personal enrichment.

With your goals in mind, it will be easy to narrow down your college search to a more manageable list of a safety school, two target schools and a stretch school.

The next few years from high school graduation to college graduation will be filled with challenges. But the pathway to the best college and major for you doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Let College Choice Today help you find the right college – and the way to pay for college. Get started today! Contact us at coach@collegechoicetoday.com or 844.412.6224 Ext. 703